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  • [Album Review] Small Spaces- Summer Of Glaciers

    Reviewer: Chandler Forsythe

    Summer Of Glaciers released a new album this weekend on Gutterth titled Small Spaces. The album is an amazing journey. It starts off with the deep ambient inspired track Inches Mean Miles. From there it falls into a bleak almost hopeless depression state. Over the next few songs that seem to blend together the state morphs turning from a sad state to a hopeful one. The hopeful sound really kicks off on the fifth track, Removal. From there the emotions build and climax in the final track When We Part. This album will leave you speechless. The genre cannot be defined, this album is its own. It draws elements from Post-Rock, Ambient, Chillwave, and Trance. Really though it isn’t one in its own. The band is playing a show Thursday and also playing at the Gutterth Showcase Saturday during 35 Denton. You should for sure check them out. The group has added another member which will be unveiled Saturday. The album is available as CD or download here. Also check out an unreleased track here.

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